It all begins with the cameras and HSP has a lineup to rival any major market production facility anywhere — anytime.


Red Epic—M

5K of love is at the heart of this red blooded innovation that changed how Hollywood does its thing. Checkout this impressive lineup of RED credits. Let’s add your next project to the “shot on RED” list.

Panasonic GH4

Our pair of 4K capable Panasonic GH4’s provide a portable and elegant b-camera one-two punch. When paired with our various stabilization devices like the gyro-stabilized Freefly MOVI 5—the results are no less than breathtaking.

Panasonic DVX200

When it’s time to run and gun in 4K—there’s no better gun with which to run than our Panasonic DVX200. It’s established form factor and GH4-like sensor make this the ideal go-to for catching the action guerrilla-style.

3DR Solo Quadcopter

The latest in our lineup of aerial 4K camera fun includes the new 3DR Solo Quadcopter. This fully programmable sky-cam houses a Go-Pro Hero 4 and a whole slew of control technology that allows for more dramatic, controlled and simply awe-inspiring images from above.  

pocket cinema.jpg
camera track.jpg

Other Cameras

There’s so much more—just in case. We still house our arsenal of backup cameras for various applications including a couple of Panasonic 150’s, Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera, Panasonic HVX200, various Go-Pro’s and several other drone options. Oh, and we recently got our hands on a new virtual reality camera. More on that later.

Other Stuff

We wouldn’t be complete without all the “stuff”…various lighting kits, tracks, jibs, full in-house studio with chroma green screen wall, and all the other location and studio equipment you’d expect from a world class production facility.  We even have a bubble hockey table for your entertainment pleasure.